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What are the CJA Awards?

The CJA Awards 2022

The shortlists for the CJA Awards 2022 are…

Outstanding Individual Award

Andy Gullick

Deborah Coles

Diane Curry OBE

Dr Gemma Morgan

Katrina Ffrench


Outstanding Local or Regional Organisation Award

Belong: Making Justice Happen

Disabilities Trust

Inside Job Programme by Beating Time

Make Amends Project by Shekinah

Red Rose Recovery


Outstanding National Organisation Award


Inside Justice

Prisoners’ Education Trust


Why me?


The Jack Merritt Legacy Award for Racial Equality

Jen Harris

Maya Mate-Kole

Richard Taylor OBE

Roxy Legane

Sayce Holmes-Lewis


The Saskia Jones Award for Victim Services

Fay Maxted

Joanne Early

Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs OBE

Sophie Olson

Tara Ward


The Outstanding Journalism Award

Emmanuel Onapa

Eric Allison

Greg McKenzie

Liberty Investigates

Sarah Haque, Alexandra Heal and Meirion Jones


The Outstanding Digital Media Champion Award

Criminal Justice Natters podcast by Dr Ed Johnston

Banged Up podcast by Mike Boateng, Rob Morrison and Claire Salama

Law in Action podcast by Joshua Rozenberg

Second Chance podcast by Raphael Rowe

Transform Justice Podcast by Transform Justice


The Outstanding Documentary Award

‘Behind the Crime’ series by Dr Kerensa Hocken, Sally Tilt and Andrew Wilkie

‘Can the police keep us safe?’ series by Helena Kennedy KC and Rob Beckley

‘Scratching the Surface’ by Neville Thompson and Odd Arts

‘Seventeen years: The Andrew Malkinson story’ podcast series by Emily Dugan and Will Roe for The Sunday Times

‘Two Daughters’ by True Vision and Little Dooley

The CJA Awards, generously supported by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, celebrate the outstanding individuals and organisations working to make the criminal justice system fairer and more effective.

What are the CJA Awards?

Criteria for the CJA Awards 2022

The work of nominees for the CJA Awards must be focused on criminal justice, such as crime prevention, diversion, policing, courts, victim services, restorative justice, prisons and probation.


The CJA Sector Awards Criteria

Contribution to a fairer and more effective criminal justice system

  • Delivers services which improve outcomes for people impacted by the criminal justice system and/or focuses on producing systemic change. This may include: training others, working with the media, campaigning, influencing policy or practice.

Demonstration of impact

  • Able to refer to examples of the impact of their work on a fairer and more effective criminal justice system.

Usefulness of prize

  • Describes a valuable and meaningful way in which the prize money would be spent, through improving their own work and/or the criminal justice system.


The CJA Media Awards Criteria

Original content

  • Demonstrates originality and relevance, including ‘hidden’ voices and issues. 
  • It must show what works, not just what is broken.  

Challenges perceptions

  • Challenges myths and avoids stereotypes, clichés, negative terminology and sensationalism.  
  • Encourages dialogue and discussion.  

Well-crafted and responsibly sourced

  • Must be well researched, accurate and based on evidence with credible sources.  
  • Engaging, persuasive and appropriate for the audience for which it was intended.  

Safe and sensitive

  • Portrays individuals’ experiences authentically, humanely and sensitively.  
  • Sets individuals’ experiences within a wider social policy context. 

 Reach and impact

  • Influences and inspires people to think differently, care about the issue and take positive action. 
  • Consideration will be given to the audience reached in terms of number and / or a demographic likely to be less well informed about criminal justice and/or those who are able to make positive change in the system and/or those who are affected by the criminal justice system.