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Elevating Lived Experience* Voices, Advocacy, Training and Expertise in the Criminal Justice System

ELEVATE CJS runs from January to December. The first cohort will begin the programme in January 2023.

Follow ELEVATE CJS on Twitter @elevatecjs.

Read about the ELEVATE CJS Taster Day here.

Read about the launch event of ELEVATE CJS here.

Read Nola Sterling's blog: 'Elevating lived experience leadership'

The CJA’s definition of ‘lived experience’ is broad and includes, for example: Experience of being over-policed, in prison or on a community sentence, a victim of crime, family member(s) in prison, etc.

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Nola joined the CJA in May 2022 and she is leading the CJA’s new pilot lived experience leadership programme, ELEVATE CJS. Nola has over ten years of management experience in the voluntary sector. Nola is a Trustee of Clean Break and Women in Prison, both CJA members.

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