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Becoming a Member

Connecting for change in the criminal justice system

Are you a non-profit organisation working in criminal justice or a related area?

Would you like to share your experiences and expertise to influence policy and improve outcomes for people in the criminal justice system?

Read on to find out more about becoming a CJA member.

CJA trustee at event

‘Part of the beauty of being a member of the Criminal Justice Alliance is that you can learn from the good practice and successes of organisations working across the criminal justice sector. We don’t have a policy and campaigns team, so we rely on organisations like the Criminal Justice Alliance to amplify our voice and raise key issues with policy makers on our behalf.’ – P3 

Why join the CJA?

Influence policy

Share your experiences, insights and ideas with policy makers through our regular meetings and policy briefings.

Amplify your work

We’ll promote your work in our bulletins, social media, blogs and website, as well as in meetings with policy makers and in our reports and consultation responses.

Network with other organisations in the sector

Share challenges and good practice with organisations working across the criminal justice system. Meet people you wouldn’t normally come across, identifying opportunities for collaboration to build a smarter, more joined-up criminal justice system.

Keep up to date with criminal justice

Receive a newsletter in your inbox every week, keeping you informed about the latest in criminal justice policy developments, upcoming CJA projects you can get involved in, exciting initiatives from other members, sector jobs and events.

Quarterly Members Meetings and other exclusive events

Gain direct access to policy makers through our Members Meetings and other exclusive events. We’ve previously welcomed government ministers, Chief Inspectors, Police and Crime Commissioners, the Victims’ Commissioner and senior government officials.

‘I like being kept abreast of opportunities and changes within the sector, but most of all I appreciate being able to pick up the phone to exchange ideas, offload or get some genuine advice. This matters a lot when your organisation isn’t in London.’ – Muslim Women in Prison Project 

Becoming a member

In order to be considered for membership, organisations must:

  • Support the overarching aim of the Criminal Justice Alliance to improve the criminal justice system in England and Wales.
  • Agree to the Criminal Justice Alliance holding its current campaigning and policy positions.
  • Agree to support and contribute to the work of the Criminal Justice Alliance.
  • Agree to abide by the Criminal Justice Alliance’s procedures for developing policy positions and signing off outputs.
  • Agree to abide by the conditions of membership set out in the Criminal Justice Alliance’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Be a not-for-profit organisation.
  • Not pose an unacceptable risk to the reputation or operation of the Criminal Justice Alliance.

Organisations must submit an application for our Board of Trustees to consider at their quarterly meetings. Meeting the above criteria does not guarantee membership.

‘I love the quality of communications and information. It’s solid, meaty and really informative. I also love the passion, the focus and the drive that is evident in the CJA.’ Clean Sheet 

Membership fees

The CJA does not receive public funds, in order to maintain its independence. Alongside support from trusts and foundations, membership fees are an important source of funding for the CJA to carry out its vital work. We are keen that CJA membership is set at an affordable rate for your organisation. The fee you pay for membership will depend on your organisation’s turnover. The current annual membership fees are:

TurnoverAnnual Membership Fee
Less than £50,000£45.00
£50,000 to £500,000£65.00
£500,000 to £1,000,000£90.00
£1,000,000 to £10,000,000£155.00
More than £10,000,000£290.00

Membership fees are reviewed by the Board of Trustees on an annual basis. In 2019, the lowest fee tier was introduced to help small organisations. In 2020/21, we froze our membership fees to support all members during the pandemic.

‘I enjoy having a network of people within reach who can offer advice, support and new ideas when you hit obstacles, need to understand something or even just want to expand your knowledge.’ Irene Taylor Trust 

Apply to be a member

Enquire now

  • Associate members do not sign up to the policy positions or campaign goals of the alliance. In turn they are not eligible to vote on matters of the CJA. They are not able to sign off policy statements nor are they able to direct policy direction of the CJA. They will however receive the weekly bulletin and have access to our regular events.
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