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Become an academic member

Academic membership criteria 

This category of membership was introduced in December 2022 to allow individual academics to become a member of the CJA. If you would like to become a member of the CJA, you must: 

  • Hold (or be pursuing) a masters’ level qualification or higher degree at a recognised UK academic institution 
  • Share the CJA’s vision of a fair and effective criminal justice system. 
  • Support the CJA’s mission to achieve sustainable, systemic change, through the collective power of our membership network. 
  • Agree to support and contribute to the work of the CJA. 
  • Agree to abide by the conditions of membership set out in the CJA’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. 
  • Not pose an unacceptable risk to the reputation or operation of the CJA. 

Academics will automatically hold associate membership. Associate members do not sign up to the policy positions or campaign goals of the alliance. In turn, they are not eligible to vote on matters of the CJA. They are not able to sign off policy statements nor direct policy direction of the CJA. All other member benefits still apply. 

Our Board of Trustees considers each application at their quarterly meetings. Meeting the above criteria does not guarantee membership. 

Academic membership fee  

 The current annual membership fee for academics is £25.  

 The CJA does not receive public funds in order to maintain its independence. Alongside support from trusts and foundations, membership fees are an important source of funding for the CJA to carry out its vital work.  

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