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Reimagine, redesign, rebuild: driving systemic change together

CJA strategy launch

We are excited to launch our new five year strategy: CJA Strategy 2022-2027, along with our annual work plan 2022-2023.

This strategy has been created in 2022, a time of significant global change. The world is still navigating the effects of COVID-19, while also opening its eyes to the impacts of systemic racism, the climate emergency and threats to democracy.

This strategy articulates some of the key obstacles to progress and outlines our plans to dismantle those barriers and create lasting and meaningful change.

It is true that this is too big a challenge for the Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA) to do alone, but we have a large membership, connections across different sectors, as well as relationships with key stakeholders who all want to see a fair and effective criminal justice system. This will enable us to help build a conducive environment for sustainable, positive change.

We will use our unique view across the whole criminal justice system and the depth of understanding and expertise of our members. We will convene and coordinate our members, alliances and stakeholders to reimagine, redesign and rebuild a fair and effective criminal justice system.

If we work together, we can achieve systemic change.

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