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CJA comment on prison building plans

In response to the Ministry of Justice plans to create 10,000 extra prison spaces, Nina Champion, Director, Criminal Justice Alliance, said:

“We are disappointed and concerned by the government’s re-announcement that it will create 10,000 extra prison spaces with four new prisons under the guise of rebuilding our economy. If the government truly wishes to level up communities after this national crisis, it should instead invest in building and improving schools and colleges, youth centres, supported accommodation, courts, women’s centres and safe spaces for victims. Such investment will reduce crime, lessen inequality, improve life chances, and make our communities safer places to live.

“Prisons are not effective, and prevent people from reaching their full potential. We must invest in pathways that lead people away from crime and into better lives. In the aftermath of a global pandemic, when we need strong and resilient communities, this is now more important than ever.”