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A journey of learning, growth and change’

The CJA has launched its latest briefing on Restorative Justice – ‘A journey of learning, growth and change‘. The briefing provides a succinct account of the current landscape for Restorative Justice and restorative practices in England and Wales. It is based on a survey sent to all police forces across the country and follow-up interviews.

In her foreword to the report Baroness Newlove, the Victims’ Commissioner, writes:

‘Under the Victims Code, all victims should be informed how to take part in RJ, but sadly only 7.5% say they recall being offered the option. In effect, this means that the remainder have the decision made for them. This is not good enough. I want all victims to be empowered to make an informed decision on whether to seek RJ. And for those who do, they should find a service of the highest quality, treating them with sensitivity and care. I therefore welcome this report from the Criminal Justice Alliance, highlighting the benefits of RJ and how to deliver a service that is truly transformational for a victim’s recovery.’

Dame Vera Baird, PCC for Northumbria and the APCC’s national lead for victims, writes:

‘Police and Crime Commissioners are committed to a vision of RJ for victims at all stages of the Criminal Justice System. This report gives examples of good practice, including my force area, Northumbria. It also sets a challenge to the whole RJ field to ensure that the delivery of RJ is strengthened further. I look forward to the CJA sharing this report with the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, so PCCs can bring about further improvements in this area.’