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Personalisation in the crminal justice system: what is the potential? 

The Criminal Justice Alliance has published a policy briefing by Professor Chris Fox and colleagues on the potential for personalisation within the criminal justice system​ and lessons that can be learned from the social care sector over recent decades. This briefing highlights the key elements of personalisation which include offenders and their supervisors working together, and the need to focus on relationships, communities and offender responsibility. It goes on to discuss the need to look at an individual's strengths and skills first, before their needs and vulnerability, and the importance of encouraging individuals to become active citizens. The paper examines how a personalisation agenda could be achieved within a justice reinvestment model, focusing on community budgets, and whether the transforming rehabilitation changes are likely to help or hinder a personalised approach.

Better Courts: Lord Chief Justice, in Conversation
On 27th January 2014, the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, participated in an open discussion on Better Courts with Phil Bowen, Director of the Centre for Justice Innovation, and John Samuels, QC, chair of the Criminal Justice Alliance, at the Old Hall in Lincoln's Inn. Thomas's introductory remarks emphasised that the justice system is currently at a crossroads, with reform and budgetary constraints very much in the air. This required the individuals and organisations that operate the justice system to be thinking differently."The conclusion is a simple one: we cannot go on as before... We have to be open to new and different ways of doing things." Lord Thomas. The ensuing discussion covered his views: on the role of the judiciary in supporting innovative thinking; the use of evidence in justice reform; the tension between shaping innovation around local needs and the need for consistency in the justice system; how the justice system can better support victims; the future of the magistracy. You can download an electronic version of the transcript here.

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