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Action for Race Equality

Action for Race Equality (ARE)’s mission is to end racial inequality. ARE believes that the contribution of all communities makes a nation, builds dynamic local communities, generates wealth and improves well-being.

ARE champion fairness, challenge discrimination and pioneer innovative solutions to empower Black, Asian and Mixed Heritage people through education, employment and enterprise. Its activities involve working with Government, business, public services, Black-led organisations and the media.

As a national organisation, ARE wants to maximise its work with central government departments by connecting more directly with local Black and Minority Ethnic organisations and mainstream activities aimed at closing racial inequalities.

ARE strongly believes that race inequalities will persist and in some areas such as unemployment, take generations to close unless we start to inspire local BME individuals and organisations to get actively involved in local decision making processes.

Areas of Focus

  • Arts, Education & Employment
  • Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic People
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Regions Served

  • All (National)