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A Life of Choices works with people in prison on long-term sentences by delivering creative coaching programmes that promote their mental wellbeing and cutting down on violence. The organisation aims to break cycles of violence and injustice by also providing support to individuals who are impacted by the criminal justice system.

Resolve West, established in 1987 supports individuals, communities and groups across Bristol and the surrounding counties to resolve conflict and repair harm through their restorative justice, conflict resolution and mediation services.

At Breakthrough, every person who has left prison or is at risk of going to prison has a pathway to re-create their lives. By selecting and training exceptional prison leavers and people at risk of entering prison, Breakthrough embeds a diverse pool of talent in the UK’s workforce, bringing lasting positive change to both business and society, and changing attitudes towards prison leavers and people at risk of entering prison.

CASS+ are a helping hand for anyone going through the courts in Exeter, Newton Abbot, Plymouth, Truro & Bodmin & into life beyond. People arrive at court alone, feeling powerless, trapped and terrified. CASS+ are free, and independent of the system—they sit down and listen. They build trust and use their knowledge and connections to find solutions to complicated situations.
JENGbA supports prisoners who have been convicted under the common law of Joint Enterprise for crimes they did not commit. They include children as young as 13 serving life sentences.

Glasshouse leverages theatre for social change within the Criminal Justice System. By uniting diverse communities, they use the power of creativity to conduct impactful workshops, produce thought-provoking theatre, and foster dialogue to reshape perceptions of prison and those affected. They encourage active participation in criminal justice reform by holistically engaging all impacted individuals, spanning education, the prison system and the private sector.

The unseen Victims Project has been created to support the hundreds of thousands of people who will find themselves supporting a loved one on a journey through the UK Criminal Justice system, every year. They encourage encourage proactive and reactive approaches to the multifaceted challenges and stigmas that Unseen Victims face on these journeys.

Lived Expert aims to unlock the power of lived experience. It innovates new products and services from the lived experience, while also supporting other organisations in their journey to incorporate lived experience.
Inside Out Support Wales primarily offers support to individuals with convictions, pre- and post- release. Their services offer help with and opportunities for employment, self- employment, education, transition and general well being.
Birmingham Says No CIC is dedicated to combating knife crime and youth violence in the community. Through various initiatives, they aim to raise awareness about the dangers of carrying knives and engage young people in positive activities that steer them away from violence. The CIC provides educational workshops, diversional activities, and positive youth events to empower individuals and create a safer environment for all.
The Mental Health Hub by MeYouWellbeing is a UK wide non-profit organisation delivering grassroots, community focused, therapeutic crisis intervention and mental health support. Their goal is to work towards suicide prevention, crisis management and general mental wellbeing in a manner which is trauma informed, easily accessible and culturally appropriate.

Prisoner Support Services offers a holistic mentoring service supporting with problem solving, and providing access to social justice. They ultimately work to empower service users to take control of their own circumstances.

EOS is a CIC, run by ex-prisoners, for prison leavers. They provide high quality, long-term support to prison leavers to allow them to re-establish themselves in the community through gaining access to education, training and employment.

The Criminal Justice and Human Rights Centre is a group of researchers, practitioners and community members studying the ‘justice’ in the criminal justice system. The Centre is interested in addressing the multiple challenges facing criminal justice, both nationally and internationally. The Centre takes a strategic focus on penal policy reform, international justice and human rights, and women’s justice.

Rethink Mental Illness is a value based charity, formed over 50 years ago, striving to improve the quality of life for all those severely affected by mental illness. They have 3 key business areas, campaigning, service delivery and advice and information provision.

They currently deliver in the following areas:

The Black Criminology Network (BCN) is an independent Global hub for Criminologists. particularly of Black heritage, to network, learn and achieve. They endeavour to support current and prospective Criminologists, particularly of Black heritage by facilitating monthly networking events, encouraging development, and sharing opportunities. They also consult individuals and organisations on how to support students or peers.

Restart is a young and dynamic CIC with a vision dedicated to the promotion of the health and well-being of people in prison, leaving prison, who have left prison, their family members, support networks, the local community and anyone affected by imprisonment. We provide support through the provision of a range of services and information.

SAMM National provides a wide range of peer support services to people bereaved by murder and manslaughter. All services have been designed by the bereaved for the bereaved to meet a persons’ emotional support needs. Support is delivered by specially trained volunteers with lived experience of homicide.

AVZ campaigns to end road danger and traffic harm. They lobby for road safety programmes to be based on road danger reduction and thus concerned about the intimidation, emissions and carbon consumption of excessive and inappropriate use of motor vehicles, in addition to road casualties.
Their Roads Policing campaign calls for better use of the limited resources with a focus on tackling offences which pose harm to others, especially those walking and cycling. They monitor the justice system’s response to motoring offences and try to identify what good practice looks like.

Revolving Doors is a charity working across England to change systems, improve services for people with multiple problems who are in contact with the criminal justice system, and end the revolving door of crime.