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The Arukah Project has developed a groundbreaking model of support which is rooted in understanding how trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can lead to high-risk behaviours and make it difficult for individuals to engage with essential services.

Arukah’s model focuses on developing emotional competence to empower individuals to engage with vital services, creating a new approach to healing and recovery. They integrate Trauma-Informed Care, which emphasizes safety, trust, empowerment, collaboration, and cultural sensitivity. Their work is particularly impactful within the criminal justice system, helping individuals break free from cycles of incarceration and addiction by addressing the root causes of their behaviour.

Additionally,  they support organisations in becoming trauma-informed, promoting employee well-being and resilience, which leads to better productivity and morale.

The Mental Health Hub by MeYouWellbeing is a UK wide non-profit organisation delivering grassroots, community focused, therapeutic crisis intervention and mental health support. Their goal is to work towards suicide prevention, crisis management and general mental wellbeing in a manner which is trauma informed, easily accessible and culturally appropriate.

Rethink Mental Illness is a value based charity, formed over 50 years ago, striving to improve the quality of life for all those severely affected by mental illness. They have 3 key business areas, campaigning, service delivery and advice and information provision.

They currently deliver in the following areas:

Restart is a young and dynamic CIC with a vision dedicated to the promotion of the health and well-being of people in prison, leaving prison, who have left prison, their family members, support networks, the local community and anyone affected by imprisonment. We provide support through the provision of a range of services and information.

David Adlington-Rivers is a PhD researcher exploring hope and resilience for people in and released from prison, and the role it plays in crime desistance. David has published a self-help book, Freedom is in the Mind, about the power of hope for people in prison.

#ChangingTheGameUK is a not for profit organisation based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Founded in 2020, it set out on a journey to support anyone who may be affected by mental health related issues in a bid to prevent any more suffering caused by suicide.

Changing the Game provides FREE* mental health support for anyone who may have their quality of life impacted by a mental health related issue.

100% of donations go towards treatment and support for its clients.

Cranstoun believes in empowering people and empowering change. It is a social justice and harm reduction charity. Cranstoun works across the areas of substance use, criminal justice, domestic abuse, housing and young people. Its criminal justice work is evidence-informed and supported by its expertise in substance use and domestic abuse and the benefits of a trauma-informed response. Cranstoun believes in creating whole system change, providing the right intervention at the right time and reaching people where they are at.

Innovation Unit works to provide systems change for the public sector; growing and scaling the boldest and best innovations that deliver long-term impact for people, address persistent inequalities, and transform the systems that surround them. Innovation Unit’s innovation and impact formula combines decades of practical experience with recent research, to help partners design new solutions, implement them successfully and take them to scale for greater impact.

Fresh Youth Perspectives was established in 2018 when a group of mums of Black and minority ethnic children living in Brighton got together to start a discussion between parents and carers, their children and local services about the wellbeing of young people. Fresh Youth Perspectives believes that by encouraging parental involvement and educating services about the needs of excluded young people, we can make a positive change to young people’s lives.

Odd Arts is a theatre organisation that works within criminal justice, health and community settings.  It uses theatre to reduce risk and inequalities and increase opportunities for people facing the greatest level of discrimination, disadvantage and barriers.  It does this through therapeutic theatre workshops, performance workshop tours and community-led social action projects using the arts.

Race on the Agenda (ROTA) is a social policy research organisation that focuses on issues impacting on Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. Its policy priorities are mental health, education and criminal justice. Working with communities impacted by systemic racism, ROTA helps create the policies and practices to tackle inequality.

The New Horizon Youth Centre is a day centre for 16 to 24-year-olds who find themselves homeless or needing help, whether due to family breakdown, domestic abuse, poverty, experiences of violence, or war and persecution in their home country.

We Are With You delivers support and raises awareness around drugs, alcohol and mental health.

The Social Interest Group provides person-centred social and health care solutions. Utilising strength-based models of working, it specialises in rehabilitating and supporting people who have complex needs.

The St Giles Trust aims to help break the cycle of prison, crime and disadvantage and create safer communities by supporting people to change their lives. It uses expertise and real-life past experiences to empower people

Samaritans trains people in prison to provide emotional support to their peers, with the aim of reducing self-harm and suicide.

Revolving Doors is a charity working across England to change systems, improve services for people with multiple problems who are in contact with the criminal justice system, and end the revolving door of crime.

Through mentoring, group activities, community building and co-production, Community Led Initiatives removes barriers to community inclusion for people who are socially excluded, facing complex issues such as drug and alcohol misuse, homelessness, offending and mental ill-health.

Browns Community Services focuses on breaking trans-generational cycles and transforming the lives and wellbeing of socially excluded, disadvantaged and vulnerable people with complex and multiple needs.

Catch22 designs and delivers public services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities.