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The report highlights the urgent need for the sector to provide greater opportunities for people with lived experience to move into paid employment, leadership and influencing positions in the sector.

It makes a range of recommendations for government departments, commissioners, public bodies, employers, the Charity Commission, criminal justice funders, universities and the inspectorates.

On 18 July 2019, the Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA) held a roundtable discussion on the topic of diversity in the criminal justice workforce, hosted by the Ministry of Justice. This note provides a summary of the key points for the CJA to investigate further over the coming months. Where possible, specific examples of emerging practice are highlighted.

This discussion paper considers the development of criminal justice in England over the last 20 years, the policies leading to the current situation, and the issues facing the coalition government. It then reviews the implications of the period of austerity expected in all areas of public expenditure.

This briefing recognises a fresh approach to criminal justice policy is long overdue and suggests twelve problem areas within the adult criminal justice system that need urgent attention in the new parliament.