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Fighting Knife Crime London

www.FightingKnifeCrime.London was launched on 1st June 2021. This new resource will grow and adapt in the months ahead, in order to  become recognised as the most practical online front door in Greater London for anyone that is concerned about what is perhaps the most troubling issue of our age. It is only through information exchange and collaboration that powerful solutions can be identified, and enhanced. It addresses the problem of youth violence, knife crime, and the loss of hope and the general feeling of alienation, experienced by so many young people who feel their futures slipping away from them. This issue threatens the lives, hopes and opportunities of a generation of our young people in our cities and towns all over the country, and damages the lives of all those who care for them. This new online portal promises to be the most comprehensive one-stop gateway to solutions, information and real empowerment for all those who want to help with active solutions, and for all those who need their help.

Areas of Focus

  • Children & Young Adults
  • Prevention & Diversion

Regions Served

  • London