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The Mint House is a networking centre seeking to raise awareness of restorative practice and to promote collaboration among practitioners and restorative justice supporters.

It works with institutions who are interested in embedding restorative practice into their organisation culture, offering advice and support.

The Mint House is keen to promote access to restorative interventions, whether through itself or others.

SAFE! provides support to children and families around the Thames Valley who have been affected by crime or abuse through one-to-one and group sessions.

Prisoner University Partnerships at the University of Westminster supports people in prison who are disadvantaged by a lack of higher education provision. This ongoing project involves an academic mentoring scheme, in which lecturers are matched with prisoners studying for social science degrees, and five prison-based learning programmes.

Children Heard and Seen provides support and interventions for children with a parent in prison. The charity was set up in 2014, with a focus on reducing intergenerational offending and mitigating the impacts of parental imprisonment for children and young people.

The Bucks Association for the Care of Offenders (BACO) aims to help individuals break their cycle of criminal behaviour and reintegrate back into society. BACO provides grants to people in prison and on probation to assist with training, education and securing accommodation.

Key4Life is an innovative crime prevention charity which rehabilitates young men in prison or at risk of going to prison, and provides real solutions to help reduce youth offending.

Abandofbrothers works with young men involved in the criminal justice system, providing them with the support they need to make the transition to an adulthood free of crime, and filled with a sense of belonging, connection and purpose.