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At Breakthrough, every person who has left prison or is at risk of going to prison has a pathway to re-create their lives. By selecting and training exceptional prison leavers and people at risk of entering prison, Breakthrough embeds a diverse pool of talent in the UK’s workforce, bringing lasting positive change to both business and society, and changing attitudes towards prison leavers and people at risk of entering prison.

Glasshouse leverages theatre for social change within the Criminal Justice System. By uniting diverse communities, they use the power of creativity to conduct impactful workshops, produce thought-provoking theatre, and foster dialogue to reshape perceptions of prison and those affected. They encourage active participation in criminal justice reform by holistically engaging all impacted individuals, spanning education, the prison system and the private sector.

The Mental Health Hub by MeYouWellbeing is a UK wide non-profit organisation delivering grassroots, community focused, therapeutic crisis intervention and mental health support. Their goal is to work towards suicide prevention, crisis management and general mental wellbeing in a manner which is trauma informed, easily accessible and culturally appropriate.

FrameWorks conducts in-depth research into public understandings on a range of social issues. From these insights, FrameWorks develops and tests language and framing strategies which will help mission-driven organisations build support for change. FrameWorks then offers practical communications advice, strategies and content.

Innovation Unit works to provide systems change for the public sector; growing and scaling the boldest and best innovations that deliver long-term impact for people, address persistent inequalities, and transform the systems that surround them. Innovation Unit’s innovation and impact formula combines decades of practical experience with recent research, to help partners design new solutions, implement them successfully and take them to scale for greater impact.

The New Horizon Youth Centre is a day centre for 16 to 24-year-olds who find themselves homeless or needing help, whether due to family breakdown, domestic abuse, poverty, experiences of violence, or war and persecution in their home country.

Wipers is a CIC providing specialist provision for young people involved with the youth justice system. It offers three main services: one-to-one support and supervision; group work programmes; and specialist mentoring.

Calm Mediation supports people to resolve conflict using restorative approaches. It provides restorative justice to those harmed by crime and the individual who committed the crime. Calm Mediation also provides mediation in community settings for neighbours or families in conflict, and in workplaces for colleagues or teams in conflict.

VOYAGE is a social justice charity that aims to empower marginalised black young people and provide them with the self-awareness and motivation to transform themselves and their communities.

The Social Interest Group provides person-centred social and health care solutions. Utilising strength-based models of working, it specialises in rehabilitating and supporting people who have complex needs.

Switchback provides intensive 1-to-1 support and real work training to young men leaving prison in London.

The StandOut Programme offers a unique opportunity to people preparing for release from prison by equipping them with the tools, skills and mindsets needed to apply for work so they can re-engage with society with confidence.

Spark Inside runs coaching programmes in prisons across London and the South East to encourage rehabilitation and reduce reoffending.

Prisoner University Partnerships at the University of Westminster supports people in prison who are disadvantaged by a lack of higher education provision. This ongoing project involves an academic mentoring scheme, in which lecturers are matched with prisoners studying for social science degrees, and five prison-based learning programmes.

Advance works with women who experience domestic abuse and women who have committed crime or are at risk of offending in London.

The Nehemiah Project provides a home and support for men with a history of addiction to transform their lives. Its programme is abstinence-based and provides structure and a supportive environment where men can address the root causes of their addiction, learning to make informed choices about their lives.

Belong works with people who have offended and those who have been victims of crime to reduce crime and the harm it causes. Its services include mentoring, art therapy and restorative justice interventions. Belong works with children, young people and adults in custodial and community settings.

Juvenis offers bespoke support and training enabling young people who are having difficulties at school, at home or in the community to turn around their lives and (re)engage with employment, education or training.

The Irene Taylor Trust works with some of the most vulnerable and excluded individuals in our society, inspiring them through the creation of new music. Its projects support NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) young people, people in prison and prison leavers.

Caring For Prison Leavers’ vision is to reduce reoffending by reintegrating people who have committed crime into society through the local church. It provides training and advice to churches, helping them to support individuals to transform their lives.