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CASS+ are a helping hand for anyone going through the courts in Exeter, Newton Abbot, Plymouth, Truro & Bodmin & into life beyond. People arrive at court alone, feeling powerless, trapped and terrified. CASS+ are free, and independent of the system—they sit down and listen. They build trust and use their knowledge and connections to find solutions to complicated situations.

Prisoner Support Services offers a holistic mentoring service supporting with problem solving, and providing access to social justice. They ultimately work to empower service users to take control of their own circumstances.

Att10tive brings communities together and runs social justice campaigns. They oversee community scrutiny panels and deliver workshops on a range of topics.

The Social Interest Group provides person-centred social and health care solutions. Utilising strength-based models of working, it specialises in rehabilitating and supporting people who have complex needs.

The Anglia Care Trust’s services give people the stability, support and challenge they need to enable them to realise their full potential. It supports domestic abuse victims and people with addictions, as well as supporting people with housing and providing advice and guidance to families and individuals across Suffolk and Norfolk.

ISCRE runs culturally-informed interventions to support individuals and organisations in the statutory, private and voluntary sectors, to understand the extent and nature of inequality experienced by individuals and groups in fields such as the criminal justice system, housing, employment, education, health and social care.