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Justice and Care’s objectives are for the public benefit and are:
• To prevent, tackle and eliminate all forms of violation of human rights and to relieve suffering caused thereby in such parts of the world and by such charitable means as the Trustees may from time to time think fit.
• To advance education and other means to raise public awareness through the research of the causes and effects of human rights abuses and to disseminate the useful results thereof.
• To engage with volunteers and communities, to drive systemic change and to deliver prevention programmes through effective frontline work.

The Mint House is a networking centre seeking to raise awareness of restorative practice and to promote collaboration among practitioners and restorative justice supporters.

It works with institutions who are interested in embedding restorative practice into their organisation culture, offering advice and support.

The Mint House is keen to promote access to restorative interventions, whether through itself or others.

Justice Academy is an online learning community for justice and public sector staff in the UK. Its portal offers a range of qualifications, workshops, training courses and continuing professional development opportunities for staff looking to enhance their skills and further their career, and for individuals wishing to pursue a career in the sector.

Why me? is a national charity delivering and promoting restorative justice for everyone affected by crime and conflict.

Victim Support is an independent charity dedicated to supporting victims of crime and traumatic incidents in England and Wales. It provides specialist help and services to help people cope and recover to the point where they feel they are back on track with their lives and to ensure their voices are heard.

The Thames Valley Partnership works to ensure victims of crime, those involved in criminal activity, and families impacted by crime have the support they need to take control of their lives and make positive changes.

Sussex Pathways provides volunteer key worker services for prison leavers, as well as rehabilitation support within prisons and a restorative justice service that works pre and post-release with people who have committed crimes and victims.

Shekinah provides supports people experiencing homelessness, drug and alcohol issues, offending behaviours or mental ill health. Shekinah’s Make Amends service provides restorative justice to people affected by crime, conflict, anti-social behaviour or harms caused by others.

SAFE! provides support to children and families around the Thames Valley who have been affected by crime or abuse through one-to-one and group sessions.

RoadPeace is the national charity for road crash victims in the UK. It provides information and support services to people bereaved or seriously injured in road crashes and engages in evidence-based policy and campaigning work to fight for justice for victims and reduce road danger.

Remedi was established in 1996 with the simple aim of offering victims of crime the opportunity to engage in a restorative intervention with the person responsible. It provides restorative services and support as a means of addressing conflict in any setting – criminal justice, social care, schools and the workplace.

Race Equality First is the recognised lead body in South Wales for tackling discrimination and hate crime and promoting the message that race equality is a human right.

Escaping Victimhood provides supportive residential workshops for people whose lives have been disrupted by the trauma of serious crime.

Advance works with women who experience domestic abuse and women who have committed crime or are at risk of offending in London.

NatCen is an independent social research agency, working on behalf of government and charities to find out what people really think about important social issues and how Britain is run.

Belong works with people who have offended and those who have been victims of crime to reduce crime and the harm it causes. Its services include mentoring, art therapy and restorative justice interventions. Belong works with children, young people and adults in custodial and community settings.

The Anglia Care Trust’s services give people the stability, support and challenge they need to enable them to realise their full potential. It supports domestic abuse victims and people with addictions, as well as supporting people with housing and providing advice and guidance to families and individuals across Suffolk and Norfolk.

Anawim is a Women’s Centre based in Birmingham that provides holistic, trauma-informed support to women.

Catch22 designs and delivers public services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities.

Hibiscus Initiatives is a leading organisation supporting foreign nationals and black, minority ethnic and refugee women involved in the criminal justice system in the UK.