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Submission to Home Office consultation on revised PACE codes A and C

The Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA) has submitted a response to the Home Office’s public consultation on the revised Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) codes A and C, focusing on the safeguarding of children during police interactions, particularly in the context of strip searches. The CJA supports the proposals aimed at enhancing safeguards and transparency in these procedures, echoing the sentiments expressed by Dame Rachel De Souza, Children’s Commissioner for England. Our submission underscores the necessity for stringent measures to protect children from undue harm and to uphold their dignity during any police search. We advocate for explicit provisions within the PACE codes that emphasise the potentially traumatic impact of strip searches on children and mandate the involvement of appropriate adults in all search scenarios. Furthermore, we call for rigorous data collection and independent oversight to ensure accountability and effectiveness in implementing these revised codes.

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