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Message to CJA Members from our new Director

I’m really honoured and excited to be becoming the new Director of the Criminal Justice Alliance. I know I have some big shoes to fill, particularly around the recent growth of the membership.

Nina Champion

I’m really excited to join the CJA as it has 136 members from right across the criminal justice system. That reflects my own career really, starting in law, working in prevention and diversion, working in prisons, working through the gate and in the community, working with women, working with young people.

So to have all those organisations coming together really is fantastic for me, enabling me to look at the whole span of the criminal justice system. The point was well made earlier about joining the dots up and I look forward to doing that.

Obviously with a new Director, that’s a good point to take stock and think about achievements and think about future direction. So one of the first things we’re going to be doing is working together with members, and most important with as many people with lived experience as possible to set a new strategy for the next three years.

I look forward in the next few months to having lots of those discussions and hearing your ideas. I’ve already had some members emailing me with their ideas which is great. So I know there’s lots of enthusiasm.

I look forward very much to working with you all.

Nina, who joins the CJA on 2 July, is currently Head of Policy at Prisoners’ Education Trust and spoke at the CJA Members Meeting on 26 April @NinaChampionPET