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CJA welcomes new stop and search guidance on community scrutiny

The College of Policing has released new guidance encouraging community scrutiny of stop and search, which the CJA helped to influence. Commenting on the guidance, Nina Champion, Director of the CJA, said:

“Disproportionate and unfair use of stop and search is traumatising and alienating young black men. It has damaged community trust in policing, and stops people from coming forward if they are victims or witnesses of crime, undermining efforts to tackle violence.

“We welcome the College of Policing publishing guidance on improving community scrutiny of stop and search. Giving communities the opportunity to scrutinise use of stop and search powers can improve transparency and accountability, reduce unfair and disproportionate use, and help restore trust.

“The Home Office should now build on this by establishing a national body to assist and oversee stop and search community scrutiny groups, as well as providing sufficient funding to implement the recommendations set out in the guidance.

“The Home Office should also make community scrutiny of stop and search mandatory for each police force, and ensure access to body worn video footage of searches to enable effective monitoring.

“Effective community scrutiny will lead to better policing, increased trust, and safer communities for all.”