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CJA responds to the government’s White Paper on sentencing

The CJA has published a response to the government’s sentencing White Paper, drawing together the views and recommendations of several organisations working across the criminal justice system.

In September, the Ministry of Justice published A Smarter Approach to Sentencing, a White Paper which sets out the government’s plans to reform sentencing and release in England and Wales.

In a comprehensive response, the CJA and several members highlight positive elements of the White Paper and identify areas which cause concern.

The response also includes wide-ranging recommendations, urging the government to use this opportunity to create a criminal justice system which diverts people away from the dead end of prison and gives people the best chance at a life away from crime.

The members who contributed were JUSTICE, Circles UK, KeyRing, Prisoners’ Education Trust, Revolving Doors Agency, Transform Justice, Magistrates Association, Sentencing Academy, Women in Prison, Why me?, Unlock,  Transition to Adulthood Alliance, EQUAL, Release, Probation Institute and Nacro.