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CJA responds to government’s Inclusive Britain report

This week the government published Inclusive Britain, its response to the report from the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities. The government’s response includes a number of proposals on stop and search.

Nina Champion, Director of the CJA, said:

“We are pleased to see our No Respect report referenced, which found that many young Britons from minority ethnic backgrounds have negative and hostile experiences of stop and search. We welcome the proposals on stop and search and hope they will go some way to address the concerns raised in our Stop and Scrutinise report and recent super-complaint on the need for more effective community scrutiny, consistent data collection, better training and greater understanding and challenge of racial inequality.

“However, policing requires deeper, more meaningful reform. A slew of shocking reports has recently highlighted racism in police forces, including the disgraceful treatment of Child Q. These reports run contrary to the government’s omission of institutional racism in its Inclusive Britain report. As part of rebuilding trust, the government must repeal powers which are causing harm, such as section 60 and Serious Violence Reduction Orders, and ensure it is consulting on and publishing meaningful equality impact assessments to identify and prevent racial inequality.”