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CJA discusses COVID-19 good practice and recovery in two new reports

The CJA has published two new reports focusing on challenges and good practice across the criminal justice system during the pandemic, and what is needed to rebuild a better criminal justice system in the aftermath.

The first report, Routes to Recovery, draws on discussions with CJA members in virtual meetings in June and July. The report highlights challenges and good practice during COVID-19 across policing, courts, prisons, probation and resettlement, victims’ services, mental health and drug and alcohol services. The report also provides recommendations for policy makers, highlighting how they can build a better criminal justice system following the pandemic.

The second report, Responding Restoratively to COVID-19, focuses on how restorative approaches have provided a unique and effective response to the unprecedented challenges and tensions caused by COVID-19. The report also explores how restorative approaches could be used to address the harms and trauma caused by the pandemic, and to build a better criminal justice system and a safer and more cohesive, resilient society.

This report is the first in our Responding Restoratively series, which will showcase restorative practice and approaches and the potential for a more restorative criminal justice system.

Thank you to all the members and experts who contributed to these reports.